Halloween Haunting Screen Saver

Halloween Haunting Screen Saver 2.8

Halloween Haunting Screen Saver will put the spirit of Halloween on your screen
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Halloween is here gain.
And with it, the moment to take out your old costume, or get a new one, and get ready to go out Trick or Treating.
Halloween Haunting Screen Saver will put the spirit of Halloween on your desktop.

This amusing screen saver will really make you and anyone that dares to pass by your computer, fell the ambience of Halloween.
All of a sudden, as soon as the screen saver turns on, you will be able to watch a beautiful and huge full moon, with a dark sky-like background.
You are just starting to distinguish some detail, when suddenly you are startled by an almost out of this world howl.
You turn around and discover many jack-o-lanterns floating around you.

You try to stay calm, but ten you start listening to something that sounds like wings. Could they be birds?
No! They are bats! And many of them. They start flying all around the screen while you seek shelter.
You thought that it was over, when a strange kind of heartbeat starts to sound, and the screen gets full of flying ghouls, and then flying skulls. Maybe it is too much for you!

Halloween Haunting Screen Saver is a nice piece of conversation for a short time.
Probably your kids will love it more than you.

Fernando Soni
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  • Nice images
  • Creepy noises


  • Mostly for kids
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